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March 7, 2015


MEDIA RELEASE: Launch of Myda 2.8


DEM Video Productions has officially changed its name to MYDA 2.8.


This change has been a long time coming. Owner, Dave Mydlo, hopes that this change will spark new light in the company’s future.


Mydlo founded the original company, Vidkid Productions, in 2004 as a simple video production company. He later changed the company to DEM Video Productions, which offered full production services. The most recent change to MYDA 2.8 hopes to push the envelope even further and offer more services, including video shooting, editing, graphics design, creative services, and broadcast consulting.


When thinking about a new brand, Mydlo wanted a fresh start, which meant a new name. He thought about what he wanted the name to stand for and what he wanted clients to think of when they heard it.  This inspired a lengthy list of options and conversations amongst colleagues. It finally dwindled down to keeping a piece of himself in the name and incorporating part of his passion for technical details. This is where MYDA 2.8 was born. MYDA stands for "My"dlo "Da"vid and 2.8 is an f-stop. This name showcases the creativity that MYDA 2.8 can offer clients.


MYDA 2.8 brings professionalism and creativity to all projects they are involved in. Whatever your needs are, MYDA 2.8 will work with you to ensure that your vision is brought full-screen.      



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