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This documentary will give insight into the world of mental issues, focusing on first responders. We want to talk to some First Responders currently working, and fighting this illness while on the job, as well as retired. Talk to medical experts about what causes First Responders to be more at risk, and what can be done to prevent, and pick-up signs of one struggling with the disease. Also, to talk to police forces and others about what steps they take to prevent, and help out once they realize someone on their force maybe suffering. I also want to investigate why it’s frowned upon to ask for help within these industries.


Two recent local, and well publicized examples of police officers taking their own lives is Hamilton Police Officer Ian Matthews, and Kal Ghadban from Ottawa.


The goal for this documentary is to expose the common stigma for first responders dealing with mental health, and hopefully making them more comfortable in the future with understanding the disease. Hopefully we are also giving the tools to family and friends to see signs of Mental Health and enabling them to help out at an earlier stage.


Producing an independent documentary is very expensive. If you think this topic is important to you please donate and help us produce an awesome film.

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